Labyrinth Crochet Patterns

Labyrinth is one of my favourite films, and you will often hear my sister and I quoting random lines or acting out a scene in the middle of a shop. I’ve been meaning to curate some Labyrinth crochet critters for a while now, so this is a sort of ‘make queue’ for me, and a selection of Labyrinth crochet patterns for you.

Enjoy these curated Labyrinth patterns, and do let me know how they turned out.

The Labyrinth Worm by FoxyBlue

labyrinth crochet patterns - the worm
“Come inside and meet the Mrs!”. Fancy crocheting up this little Labyrinth cutie? You’re in luck as FoxyBlue from Craftster has posted a free crochet pattern on the Craftster forums. Complete with step-by-step photos on how to crochet the worm from Labyrinth, FoxyBlue’s pattern is so easy to follow.
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Game of Thrones Handmade Selection

Game of Thrones season 5 starts in the UK in less than two weeks and to celebrate (and to fill some of that that God-awful time in between now and then), I’ve curated a handmade GoT gallery of must-haves.

Some you can make yourself, some you can buy ready-made so there’s no excuse for not adorning your décolletage with a Daenerys dragon egg, or sending a Jon Snow birthday card to your Granny for Easter.

Original art print - Tyrion Game of Thrones
£20.70 Tyron picture in frame by thedesignersnursery on Etsy

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How to dye brunette hair to pink

So, winter’s coming and I’m getting bored with my hair colour again. I recently removed my bonded extensions and my hair technician suggested I have raspberry pink for my next install. Naturally, I agreed 🙂

I originally wanted to go pastel pink, but since my hair is mousey, and it is currently brunette with blonde ombré, that’s not going to be an option if I actually want any hair left to bond the extensions to! I will need to bleach my hair to lift it enough to get a vibrant colour, then I’ll be using semi-permanent vegetable-based dyes to colour it.

So this is my hair at the start (with bonded extensions):
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