Crochet hook conversion chart

When looking up patterns from the United States, some UK crocheters are left wondering what the heck is a D sized hook. You may come across a few different terminologies for crochet hook sizes, not just for the US but also for Canadian crochet patterns. Here’s a handy crochet hook conversion chart so you can tell your C’s from you 13’s.

Crochet hook conversion chart

Metric size (mm) UK/Canadian size US size
2.0mm 14  n/a
2.25mm 13 B/1
2.5mm 12 n/a
2.75mm n/a C/2
3.0mm 11  n/a
3.25mm 10 D/3
3.5mm 9 E/4
3.75mm n/a F/5
4.0mm 8  G/6
4.5mm 7 7
5.0mm 6 H/8
5.5mm 5 I/9
6.0mm 4 J/10
6.5mm 3  K/10.5
7.0mm 2 n/a
8.0mm 0 L/11
9.0mm 00 M/13
10.0mm 000 N/15

Not quite the crochet hook conversion chart you were looking for? Let me know if there’s anything else I can add to this chart.

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