How to dye brunette hair to pink

So, winter’s coming and I’m getting bored with my hair colour again. I recently removed my bonded extensions and my hair technician suggested I have raspberry pink for my next install. Naturally, I agreed 🙂

I originally wanted to go pastel pink, but since my hair is mousey, and it is currently brunette with blonde ombré, that’s not going to be an option if I actually want any hair left to bond the extensions to! I will need to bleach my hair to lift it enough to get a vibrant colour, then I’ll be using semi-permanent vegetable-based dyes to colour it.

So this is my hair at the start (with bonded extensions):
And this is how my hair looked with most of the extensions removed (it was Halloween, I don’t usually look as bad as the undead):
IMG_5009-0.JPGOnce I remove all the bonded extensions, I need to bleach my hair to get it to a light blonde. This will enable me to have the brightest colour!

I know that my hair can only lift so much so I wash the bleach off once I get to a very light, gingery blonde. If I wanted pastel pink hair, I would need to use a White toner and developer on my hair to get it platinum. However, I’m not going to do this because it will kill my hair and also because I’m aiming for a darker pink. Say hi to the ginge:
Ginger brassy hair after bleachingAfter bleaching, I began using my lotions and potions, which include a protein treatment by Aphogee. I always carry out treatments after bleaching/colouring (and especially in-between hair extension installations) to help repair any damage and prepare my hair for the next colour.

The products I use to treat my hair:

– Aphogee 2-step protein treatment
– Redken Extreme CAT Protein Reconstructing Treatment (in-shower spray)
– A protein pack in place of conditioner (such as Ion, Palmers, or a Keratin pack)
– Moroccan hair oil (on damp hair)
– Label M age-defying Protein Cream (on damp hair)

So, the day after all my treatments, I put on my Directions by La Riche colour in Tulip and it looks like this:
Directions in tulip pink hair dyeHmmm… A little bright.
So I try Directions colour in Dark Tulip:
pink hair from brown directions colorBetter, but still a little too bright for the pre-coloured extensions (that I haven’t even seen in person yet). You can smother your hair in La Riche directions as much as you want because it’s not harmful at all – there’s no peroxide, bleach or ammonia, they are simply high pigment colours. Hence why you need to bleach first if you want your hair to be mega-bright.

I nip to Sainsbury’s, and would you believe it, I find a Live Colour XXL in the perfect shade, Pure Purple (yes I know, but trust me, it’s pink). I slap this on, but only for ten minutes as my hair is really not happy by now:
Pink purple hair girl xxl live colourPerfect.

After a few more deep-conditioning treatments, I’m ready for my extensions. I use Shear Illusions as she is fab.

Voilà, I have 18-inch long pink hair ready for all the Christmas parties!
Bright pink hair girl

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