Lego minifigures series 13

Set for release in January 3015 (although there’s already some on eBay courtesy of our friends in the US), series 13 of Lego minifigures has been announced.
Lego mini figures series 13
The new lego series includes:

  • Alien trooper
  • Carpenter or joiner
  • Galaxy trooper (matches previous minifigures)
  • Evil wizard (looks like Ming the Merciless)
  • Goblin
  • Snake charmer
  • King
  • Unicorn girl (very excited about this one)
  • Female cyclops (matches previous minifigure)
  • Palaeontologist
  • Hot dog man (matches previous fancy dress lego minifigures)
  • Sheriff
  • Female samurai
  • Disco diva
  • Fencer
  • Egyptian

Most of these look pretty easy to feel through the blind bag so I hope to have all sixteen before long.

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