How to dye brunette hair to pink

So, winter’s coming and I’m getting bored with my hair colour again. I recently removed my bonded extensions and my hair technician suggested I have raspberry pink for my next install. Naturally, I agreed 🙂

I originally wanted to go pastel pink, but since my hair is mousey, and it is currently brunette with blonde ombré, that’s not going to be an option if I actually want any hair left to bond the extensions to! I will need to bleach my hair to lift it enough to get a vibrant colour, then I’ll be using semi-permanent vegetable-based dyes to colour it.

So this is my hair at the start (with bonded extensions):
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Hair extensions update

After a month of having a freezing head, my custom hair extensions arrived! At the moment, they have an apricot ombre on the bottom and highlights to the top, but have just bought some red toner (Wella Colour Fresh 5/55) as I fancy a bit of flame-haired pizazz for a few weeks, which I think will look great into the apricot.
I used iOS apps FaceTune and PopAGraph to edit this pic.
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