Felt iPhone Pouch

We’re now onto issue 5 of Mollie Makes magazine and I still hadn’t made any of the cover gift projects so I grabbed the packet from issue 1 and made this felt iPhone case. I didn’t use the suggested pattern design from Mollie Makes, instead I fancied a rainbow so came up with this:

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Lounge Curtains

Thought it was about time I made a start on the lounge curtains, I’ve had the fabric just sitting there for about six months!

The fabric is gorgeous but a little heavier to work with than I am used to an have already had a minor injury to my thumb 🙁


After some deliberation I have decided on eyelet top even though I have a bay window pole which will obviously mean some eyelets will have to stay over the bracket each side but draping suits the style of the room and I have allowed extra length for this.

I’d really like to get on and finish these today but have promised my step-daughter I will help her make a start on her felt dolly before she goes home to her Mothers house tonight. Will hopefully be posting finished pics soon!

Adult Mermaids Tail

I spent a good part of last week making a mermaid costume with my eldest who was attending a pirate themed party and required an “off the hook” outfit (yes, I too am resisting the pun to be had here). You may consider my ramblings below as a very abstract pattern for a mermaids tail, I was thinking of making a version of this for a child and if I do so, I will make pattern notes that will be less vague than this article 🙂

We started out with some metallic dance fabric (about 2m), stood her on a chair and wrapped it around her from the hips down.

She wanted the mermaid tail skin tight (“they’ll have to wheelbarrow me about if cant walk Mum”) so we put an 8″ zip in the back so she could at least stand some chance of getting into the thing. We found some pretty upholstery ribbon with beads for £2.99 per metre at Dunelm Mill (there are zero craft shops in this town!) to go around the top edge and under this we stitched two large semi-circlular pieces of chiffon, this particular chiffon is quite stiff and it’s shimmery sea green/gold iridescent colour goes beautifully with the stretchy dance fabric and has ‘fish-like’ qualities (hmmmm… Stay with me!)


Because the tail owner wanted to be sashaying around at a party, I decided against a fin at the very end of the tail Continue reading