Pokémon GO: top 3 amigurumi patterns

What’s the go-to pal for Pokemon GO trainers in need of a real life buddy to take on their Pokejaunts? A cute and cuddly amigurumi plushie, of course. In my quest to catch ’em all, I rounded up three of the best free Pokemon crochet patterns – an Espeon, an Umbreon, a Charmander, and a rotund Jigglypuff.

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Lounge Curtains

Thought it was about time I made a start on the lounge curtains, I’ve had the fabric just sitting there for about six months!

The fabric is gorgeous but a little heavier to work with than I am used to an have already had a minor injury to my thumb 🙁


After some deliberation I have decided on eyelet top even though I have a bay window pole which will obviously mean some eyelets will have to stay over the bracket each side but draping suits the style of the room and I have allowed extra length for this.

I’d really like to get on and finish these today but have promised my step-daughter I will help her make a start on her felt dolly before she goes home to her Mothers house tonight. Will hopefully be posting finished pics soon!

Stained Glass Tealight Cups

Like most crafters, I live making things for my family and it’s great when you get five minutes to do so!

I bought some 22ml glass stain pots a few months ago and they were starting to burn a hole through my craft room door so I decided to test them out by making some stained glass painted tealight holders for my lovely Father-in-Law.

The butterfly image I adapted from a quick google and the grass was painted freehand.


The paints are DecoArt Glass Stain and I picked them up at Hobbycraft for just £1.99 for 6 pots (22ml each of red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange). They make great starter paints or for testing out project ideas. The liner I used was Pebeo Cerne Relief Vitrail Outliner (also bought from Hobbycraft), priced at £3.69 for 20ml.

I have plans to make more hand painted glass items for my Etsy shop but using my FolkArt enamels and metallics instead of this basic stain.