Winter Crochet Plans

Since summer took a holiday in England this year, winter has decided to marry autumn in a sneak revenge attack so it’s quite cold here at the moment!

This sudden decrease in temperature has reminded me I need to get on with crocheting some winter hats for all the children in my life – and make a little dent in my yarn stash at the same time.

misty autumn morning in England by craft blog
Misty Autumn morning

The crochet winter hats have moved on from my post back in July, and I now have 3 completed girls beanie hats (all in wonderful monsoon wool), however, I can’t for the life of me find the picture I took of them, or that hats themselves!

We moved house in August, and I started Continue reading

Crochet Hat Patterns

The beginnings of a crocheted hat by Aeris Loves Amigurumi.

I’ve decided to get ahead of the Christmas present rush this year and after a few hours on the sofa, I now have the beginnings of a decent girls crochet hat pattern. The yarn is a stunning Aran: Monsoon from Yorkshire spinner James Brett (you can see this elsewhere on the blog too) and it makes the crocheted project really stand out yet still looks pretty muted. Continue reading