Space Invaders Coaster

Did a quick Hama coaster to use at work in honour of the retro classic Space Invaders. I remember playing this game on my Dads Atari 2600 circa 1982, my brother and I even took the Atari to the school spring fayre and charged 5p a go to play Pong! We were cool for weeks 🙂

Atari space invaders retro gaming coaster

We also used to play a game called Boot Hill on the Atari, an early time-based shoot ’em up for 1 or 2 players whilst over the road my friend Mark had the pleasure of playing his Spectrum 48k to himself. I gave my 7mth old daughter a little taste of Gunfight (1975, Atari, similar concept) on YouTube this morning as I couldn’t find a Boot Hill clip and she thought it was AMAZING! But there again, she also loves eating the remote…