My Craft Club Make Felt Birds

The craft club I run on Thursday evenings have finally finished their felt projects! The younger ones (KS1) were given templates to cut out, trace onto felt, cut out the felt then stitch together using a plastic needle and wool. I gave the older group (KS2) a bit more of a free reign with their designs and they’re now too their third week of making their grand designs!

felt bird project

As you can see, the results varied! But everyone managed to take something home 🙂

Decopatch Drawers

We decided to give handmade gifts for Christmas last year but I only got a photo of one of the gifts – this set of mini drawers I decopatched for an Aunt (plain drawer set was £16.99 from Ikea).

I used a variety of floral Decopatch papers with Decopatch Glossy Glue for the fronts and top, then used enamel paints for the exposed wood.

Decopatched drawers by Love Emmaline

This only took a couple of nights work and I bought another set of the drawers for a future project.

Shell Stitch Crochet Bag

I finally finished the crochet bag for my sister the other week! This bag was so simple to make and I’m really pleased I chose Smoothie DK as the substituted yarn as it looks fabulous with a slight sheen.


The pattern is DROPS 120-9 Paris Bag and is free to download from Garn Studio here. I left out the ribbon trim and added a removable lace & chiffon brooch that I made from a headband I picked up in Primark for 50p! I also added a few more rows onto the trim at the top.

You can see more pics on my ravelry project page.


I have started to take my crochet along with me now almost everywhere I go when I know there’ll be a spare few minutes. Funny how I used to think that was a pretty sad thing to do!

Crocheting at the E-Commerce Expo in London:


Starting a Twinkie Chan cupcake hat at a birthday party:


Felt iPhone Pouch

We’re now onto issue 5 of Mollie Makes magazine and I still hadn’t made any of the cover gift projects so I grabbed the packet from issue 1 and made this felt iPhone case. I didn’t use the suggested pattern design from Mollie Makes, instead I fancied a rainbow so came up with this:

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Hair Slides & Clips

I bought a few (that means a few boxes full to me!) hair accessory blanks from ebay recently and thought I’d have a go at making them into something instead of them waiting in my craft room for 6mths. These hair clips and slides were quick and easy to make and I think they’re so cute! I also made a few rings too using the same Japanese girly characters.

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Lounge Curtains

Thought it was about time I made a start on the lounge curtains, I’ve had the fabric just sitting there for about six months!

The fabric is gorgeous but a little heavier to work with than I am used to an have already had a minor injury to my thumb 🙁


After some deliberation I have decided on eyelet top even though I have a bay window pole which will obviously mean some eyelets will have to stay over the bracket each side but draping suits the style of the room and I have allowed extra length for this.

I’d really like to get on and finish these today but have promised my step-daughter I will help her make a start on her felt dolly before she goes home to her Mothers house tonight. Will hopefully be posting finished pics soon!