Pokémon GO: top 3 amigurumi patterns

What’s the go-to pal for Pokemon GO trainers in need of a real life buddy to take on their Pokejaunts? A cute and cuddly amigurumi plushie, of course. In my quest to catch ’em all, I rounded up three of the best free Pokemon crochet patterns – an Espeon, an Umbreon, a Charmander, and a rotund Jigglypuff.

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Labyrinth Crochet Patterns

Labyrinth is one of my favourite films, and you will often hear my sister and I quoting random lines or acting out a scene in the middle of a shop. I’ve been meaning to curate some Labyrinth crochet critters for a while now, so this is a sort of ‘make queue’ for me, and a selection of Labyrinth crochet patterns for you.

Enjoy these curated Labyrinth patterns, and do let me know how they turned out.

The Labyrinth Worm by FoxyBlue

labyrinth crochet patterns - the worm
“Come inside and meet the Mrs!”. Fancy crocheting up this little Labyrinth cutie? You’re in luck as FoxyBlue from Craftster has posted a free crochet pattern on the Craftster forums. Complete with step-by-step photos on how to crochet the worm from Labyrinth, FoxyBlue’s pattern is so easy to follow.
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Game of Thrones Handmade Selection

Game of Thrones season 5 starts in the UK in less than two weeks and to celebrate (and to fill some of that that God-awful time in between now and then), I’ve curated a handmade GoT gallery of must-haves.

Some you can make yourself, some you can buy ready-made so there’s no excuse for not adorning your décolletage with a Daenerys dragon egg, or sending a Jon Snow birthday card to your Granny for Easter.

Original art print - Tyrion Game of Thrones
£20.70 Tyron picture in frame by thedesignersnursery on Etsy

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Geeky Blankets

Hopefully, you’re here because you love geeky blankets! I love all things pixels, crafty, and crochet – except candy pink poodle toilet roll covers, which are never acceptable. That means I enjoy looking up how gamers are working up my favourite retro video game characters every now and again. Here are my latest findings which include an 8-bit Super Mario crochet bedspread, a Pac-Man quilt, a fabulous Doctor Who crochet tardis, a Space Invaders crochet blanket, and a Super Mario star baby blanket.

8-bit Super Mario Bedspread by Russ McAllister

Super Mario 8-bit crochet geeky blankets
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Geeky Amigurumi

It’s no secret that I’m in love with amigurumi, but to combine this with geek equals love OVERLOAD. If you have no idea what amigurumi is, where have you been? Call yourself a crafter! Amigurumi is to crochet (or knit) a soft toy, usually stuffed. It’s no surprise to learn that the term is derived from the Japanese words for knitted and toy since all early amigurumi was very much modelled on anime and kawaii style characters.

I used to be a firm believer that all amigurimi was cute. Not any more. As the penchant for crafting these alluring little critters has been growing, so has the desire for the crocheter and knitting queen to get more creative and lucrative in the design; concoct the tiniest crocheted snail in the world; be the most vulgar; or just crochet a scene from The Exorcist as the craft spreads further and wider than Sunday afternoon at the WI.

To save me from bursting with l’amour all over my new iMac, I’m posting the very best geeky amigurumi right here, right now so sit back and enjoy the geeky gallery:


star wars amigurumi
Star Wars Amigurumi – genius.

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