Hello Robot

I’m such a frustrated artist. Whilst I consider myself most able to produce decent results with other arts, my drawing has always shown me up terribly. I can produce a good stick man when asked, and trees are just about on the cards, but anything more and my work looks like that of a small child.

However, the weird thing is, I CAN draw robots (unless you beg to differ after reading on and seeing my attempts). My latest effort is this guy:
Pencil drawing of a little robot
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Zombie Origami

Zombie Origami via emmaline.co.uk
Found this fabulous zombie origami book in a little shop called Scribbler at Hammersmith tube station today.

The paper folding action includes making several zombies, a grave with zombie arms, and various other horror bits and bobs.

£7.99, bargain!

Quentin Blake Cockatoos Wallpaper

question Blake birds
A couple I years ago I saw an edition of a TV DIY show that used the most amazing wallpaper. I did everything I could to find out what it was called, and how I could buy it – I even emailed the show, but didn’t receive a reply.

Then, out of the blue, I received an email with the details in. Honestly, it was at least eighteen months before the production company got around to sending this!
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Lego Ed Sheeran Video

I love this Lego YouTube video published yesterday by The Warner Sound. It’s a side-by-side play through of the Lego House music video from Ed Sheeran, with the left-hand version having been diligently Lego’d by Dylan Woodley;

PlayStation 4 announced

I’m such an old lady, I fell asleep for the official announcement (11pm gmt), but I woke up especially early this morning to get the low-down on what I missed!

The PlayStation 4 looks pretty good, as expected, there is a heavy focus on social sharing and streaming content – Sony have even built a share button into the redesigned controller:

Sony PlayStation 4
(This image by me, reworked from Sony content)
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Winter Crochet Plans

Since summer took a holiday in England this year, winter has decided to marry autumn in a sneak revenge attack so it’s quite cold here at the moment!

This sudden decrease in temperature has reminded me I need to get on with crocheting some winter hats for all the children in my life – and make a little dent in my yarn stash at the same time.

misty autumn morning in England by emmaline.co.uk craft blog
Misty Autumn morning

The crochet winter hats have moved on from my post back in July, and I now have 3 completed girls beanie hats (all in wonderful monsoon wool), however, I can’t for the life of me find the picture I took of them, or that hats themselves!

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