Geeky Blankets

Hopefully, you’re here because you love geeky blankets! I love all things pixels, crafty, and crochet – except candy pink poodle toilet roll covers, which are never acceptable. That means I enjoy looking up how gamers are working up my favourite retro video game characters every now and again. Here are my latest findings which include an 8-bit Super Mario crochet bedspread, a Pac-Man quilt, a fabulous Doctor Who crochet tardis, a Space Invaders crochet blanket, and a Super Mario star baby blanket.

8-bit Super Mario Bedspread by Russ McAllister

Super Mario 8-bit crochet geeky blankets
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Toddler Crochet Slippers

Our cottage has been rather freezing of late, and the girls feet getting colder so I went on the hunt for a crochet slippers pattern. I was delighted to find this free crochet slippers pattern from Megan at Tampa Bay Crochet (adapted from a pattern by Nikki Kirkwood) and promptly worked some up for my girls.

Crochet Mary Jane slippers by @twit_brit at Aeris Loves Amigurumi.
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Childs Crochet Scarf Free Pattern – Christmas Crochet

Merry Christmas! We’ve had a relaxing festive season thus far, and I’m really enjoying having some extended time off work to spend with the children. I thought I would share some of the crochet projects I worked up for Christmas, so today I am sharing the pattern for a child’s scarf. It’s made of trebles and can be crocheted for any size by adjusting the initial chain length to suit.

Childs Crochet Scarf Pattern
boys crochet scarf free pattern
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Winter Crochet Plans

Since summer took a holiday in England this year, winter has decided to marry autumn in a sneak revenge attack so it’s quite cold here at the moment!

This sudden decrease in temperature has reminded me I need to get on with crocheting some winter hats for all the children in my life – and make a little dent in my yarn stash at the same time.

misty autumn morning in England by craft blog
Misty Autumn morning

The crochet winter hats have moved on from my post back in July, and I now have 3 completed girls beanie hats (all in wonderful monsoon wool), however, I can’t for the life of me find the picture I took of them, or that hats themselves!

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Crochet Hat Patterns

The beginnings of a crocheted hat by Aeris Loves Amigurumi.

I’ve decided to get ahead of the Christmas present rush this year and after a few hours on the sofa, I now have the beginnings of a decent girls crochet hat pattern. The yarn is a stunning Aran: Monsoon from Yorkshire spinner James Brett (you can see this elsewhere on the blog too) and it makes the crocheted project really stand out yet still looks pretty muted. Continue reading

Shell Stitch Crochet Bag

I finally finished the crochet bag for my sister the other week! This bag was so simple to make and I’m really pleased I chose Smoothie DK as the substituted yarn as it looks fabulous with a slight sheen.


The pattern is DROPS 120-9 Paris Bag and is free to download from Garn Studio here. I left out the ribbon trim and added a removable lace & chiffon brooch that I made from a headband I picked up in Primark for 50p! I also added a few more rows onto the trim at the top.

You can see more pics on my ravelry project page.


I have started to take my crochet along with me now almost everywhere I go when I know there’ll be a spare few minutes. Funny how I used to think that was a pretty sad thing to do!

Crocheting at the E-Commerce Expo in London:


Starting a Twinkie Chan cupcake hat at a birthday party:


Crochet Headband With Ears.

It’s my eldest daughter’s 17th birthday today and I have been knocking up this cute little headband with little ears.


The yarn I have used is Monsoon (shade S2) by James C Brett. I did originally start this headband in the brighter pink S5 shade but I the particular ball I had bought had size issues – it couldn’t decide if it was Aran or cotton due to a freaky spinning accident. I will be returning it as when I looked in the shop, all the other balls were perfect.

The pattern is one I adapted from the vegancraftastic blog and I know my daughter is going to love it!


And here’s how it turned out (modelled by the birthday girl herself):