Geeky amigurumi crochet patterns

As if my post on geeky amigurumi patterns wasn’t enough, I’ve found even more crochet patterns to add to the list – to be honest, I could make a hundred posts a day and I would still be wading in fab and free geeky amigurumi patterns. If I only I had more time to blog….hmmmm.

All the crochet patterns I curate have been checked for quality and links should take you direct to the pattern wihtout any annoying pop-ups or ads.

Anyway, onward to the geeky crochet! Click on any of the pics to be whisked away to amigurumi pattern heaven.

Twinkie Chan's Groot crochet pattern
Groot amigurumi pattern by the adorable Twinkie Chan (free)


Fawkes from Harry Potter crochet pattern
“Squawks” the Phoenix, or “Fawkes” if you’re a HP fan! Original amigurumi pattern by Britni Husband ($7.80 from Ravely)


Star Wars amigurumi
Princess Leia amigurumi pattern by Snacksies Handicraft Corner (free)


Geeky amigurumi patterns
Nineties friends, put on your witch hats, because these mini Sanderson Sisters are ready to put a spell on you! Original amigurumi pattern by Two Hearts Crochet (free)


Cactus crochet pattern free
Super cool pattern from Phillip at Sir Purl Grey, complete with full instructions on how to form each stsitch! (free)


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