Elite99 5032 colour change gel polish: orange & red

A new pot of elite99 5032 colour changing gel polish arrived in the post last week. I’m so in love with it, I thought I’d share the results of my first application.

The Amazon images of this gel polish gave me the impression that the cured colours would be orange and yellow, but the end result is actually a bright, cherry red, rather than orange. I’m not too disappointed as I’m not averse to a bit of red, but it is very bright.

Elite99 5032 colour change gel

I found this gel polish really easy to apply, and because the colour is yellow when warm, it wasn’t too hard to see where I’d already applied the product.

The end result is a gorgeous sunset effect, and it’s been on my nails for five days already with no chips. I use a peel-off base coat which makes removing gel polish soooo much easier. I use the Blue Sky brand for all my base and top coats as I find it to be the best within my budget.

Here’s the equipment I used to apply the Elite99 5032 gel polish. I can’t recommend the Mylee UV curing lamp enough. The unit has four bulbs, two of which are installed at an angle so you can cure your thumbs at the same time. It has a 120-second timer along with a manual on/off setting. I have the lamp in a limited edition mint green colour, but you can now buy it in black, white, or pink.

Mylee gel polish uv curing lamp

I also use the Mylee prep and shine wipes, which can be used for preparing the nail as well as wiping the nail down after curing the gel. If you’re interested in trying any of the products I’ve used, you can find the links below.

You can read more reviews of nail polishes here.

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