Unravel on PS4 released soon

It seems like an age since EA Games first teased us with their physics-based platformer, Unravel, at E3 last year. However, the release date is now set for 9th February 2016 – just a few weeks away!

The in-game experience can only be described as stunning and I’m told that the character emotion is sometimes hard to believe. It’s set at £14.99 across all platforms (PS4, XBox One, and PC) and is available for pre-order. You can get 10% off pre-order copies by signing up to Origin Access.

Until release, let the game’s creative director show you how to make your own Yarny:

Not heard about this game? Get the scoop:

From the game studio

You are tasked with guiding Yarny through a beautiful but sometimes dangerous world. Learning the game’s physics is integral to solving the puzzles you’ll encounter; from pushing and pulling objects to using Yarny’s yarn in creative ways, you’ll be tasked with approaching puzzles in a very tangible way.

Being made of fragile yarn is both a weakness and a strength. When it comes to puzzles, it’s a benefit. It gives Yarny a set of abilities, and new ways to interact with the world. Throwing yarn like a grapple, grabbing the yarn that trails behind you, and attaching yarn to objects – these are Yarny’s tools, and open up a ton of possibilities.

Original trailor:

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