Star Wars Princess Leia Necklace

I’ve been busy making more chibis out of polymer clay, and fashioned some Princess Leia necklaces which are, so far, my favourite.
geeky star wars princess leia

I made a whole batch, and found it a real pain to keep debris from marring the white polymer clay sections of this figurine, including fluff, dust, and other clay colours that magically appeared on my pristine work mat! None the less, they all turned out pretty good.
My princess leia figurines
I finished them with a coat of acrylic gloss (previously I was using Decopatch glossy glue), and think I’ll be using this from now on as it gives a satin finish rather than full-on gloss.
Make princess leia necklace

You can find this necklaces, and more geeky gifts, in my Etsy shop, Love Geek.

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