Hello Robot

I’m such a frustrated artist. Whilst I consider myself most able to produce decent results with other arts, my drawing has always shown me up terribly. I can produce a good stick man when asked, and trees are just about on the cards, but anything more and my work looks like that of a small child.

However, the weird thing is, I CAN draw robots (unless you beg to differ after reading on and seeing my attempts). My latest effort is this guy:
Pencil drawing of a little robot

I drew him during X-Factor last weekend (perhaps the perfunctory process had me thinking of an army of little robotic boy bands running around with huge gurning, fake love-stricken faces… Sorry, I digress).

I also painted this little guy a while ago, he’s on a cute mini canvas I picked up in The Works:
painted robot on canvas
I’ve also been working on some polymer clay Harry Potter and Super Mario chibis, which I’ll share in another post. I’m making another attempt to show my work at the Christmas market this year, so am busy each weekend putting together geeky jewellery and pixel art… I wonder if I will see my intentions through this year? If not, that’s more than a few Christmas presents sorted!

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