Quentin Blake Cockatoos Wallpaper

question Blake birds
A couple I years ago I saw an edition of a TV DIY show that used the most amazing wallpaper. I did everything I could to find out what it was called, and how I could buy it – I even emailed the show, but didn’t receive a reply.

Then, out of the blue, I received an email with the details in. Honestly, it was at least eighteen months before the production company got around to sending this!
The wallpaper features birds from the ‘Cockatoos’ childrens book, which are beautifully illustrated by the book’s author, Quentin Blake. It’s available in several colourways, although I prefer this pink one:

zagazoo cockatoos Quentin Blake wallpaper osbourne and little
It’s a mid-range paper at £35 per roll, but it’s definitely on my shopping list now I know how to get hold of it. I think my 8 year old will love this on the chimney breast of her bedroom. It even looks good in other rooms too:
birds wallpaper
There are accessories available too, but I can’t stand overkill so will be purchasing the paper only.

The wallpaper is from Osbourne & Little and is called Zagazoo Cockatoos. You can find it here.

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