Hama Bead Grumpy Cat Perler

grumpy cat tardar sauce
I’m not best known for my love of cats, in fact, I’ve held a vehement dislike for them most of my life. I was most surprised with myself when I realised I’ve come to love Internet sensation Grumpy Cat (a.k.a. Tardar Sauce). We’ve shared many a meme of the mardy moggy at work, and one unfortunate member of the team is now known affectionately as ‘GC’.

To take the edge off the cruel nickname, I decided to make a very basic Grumpy Cat coaster from Hama beads for the long-suffering namesake (or Perler if you’re stateside), and thought I’d blog it so you can use the bead pattern for your own Grumpy Cat worship:

hama bead grumpy cat perler beads coaster by @twit_brit at emmaline.co.ukgrumpy cat hama bead coaster by @twit_brit at emmaline.co.ukI
‘m waiting for some extra-large Hama peg boards and brown bead variants to arrive as I plan to make a larger version of the miserable feline, which will obviously have more detail – perhaps we could present this to GC at christmas? or… perhaps not.

Some have asked whether I use software on my Macbook for beading, and the short answer is, since I use my iPhone for just about everything, I plan my hama projects on this and currently use the Bead It! HD app to plan patterns (£2.49), the HD version will also run on my iPad so is great for large projects – of course, I do miss the satisfaction of working out a pixel project from scratch, but time isn’t my friend right now, and needs must!

What Hama bead patterns would you like to see more of? Let me know in the comments below, or just say “Hi” 🙂

* I adapted this pattern from a grumpy cat Kandi perler pattern found here. *

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