Hama Bead Social Media Icons – Free Pixel Patterns

I love making things from Hama beads (Perler), especially mug coasters. They don’t take long, make great gifts and you can replicate almost anything!

Social media icons Hama bead coasters by emmaline.co.uk
As a social media professional, I had in mind to make some desk coasters featuring social media icons for some time and got around to making some up last summer. Facebook, Twitter and Digg were easy to design, but Pinterest and reddit took a little longer to perfect.

I thought I’d share the bead patterns for these so you can make them for your own desk, or perhaps you could take them to your next social media job interview as I did once – breaks the ice!

social media icons Hama beads pattern
As you can see from my images, I only iron one side of the Hama project (the reverse side), this gives a better finish but you need to be sure to give the back a good old ironing!

Social media icons with Hama beads from emmaline.co.uk
Let me know what you think in the comments below, or give me a shout on Twitter.

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