How To Make A Peg Doll – Easy Tutorial

This is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a traditional peg doll. It’s a craft club class I gave to KS1 children (4-7 years) last year, and more recently to KS2 kids (7-11 years) with some more advanced techniques added in to suit the older age range.

The method I use to make my peg dolls uses minimal glue, meaning younger children can see the end result much quicker, and have less opportunity for sticky fingers, glue in their hair, on their clothes et al! I hope you find the tutorial useful and would love to hear your comments below this post 🙂

Materials Needed For Each Peg Doll

Fabric scraps
Wooden peg
Glue brush
Wool or yarn (for the hair)
Coloured felt tip pens
Pipe cleaner
Circular tin or saucer (to draw around)

Obviously, all of the above can be substituted, i.e. you could use string for the hair, or an old paintbrush for the glue.

Before You Start

Don’t forget to lay down some wipe-clean plastic on the table! I can also recommend a small jar to hold the peg doll in for children (and adults!) who are all thumbs – this will steady the peg doll whilst you work on it.

Lets Make A Peg Doll!

how to make a peg doll
1. Draw around your circular pot with a felt-tip pen onto a scrap of fabric as shown in picture 1. This will be the peg doll’s skirt. There is no need to make the circle perfect.

As you can see, I’ve used a circular tin, this measured about 6 inches across. You don’t want to use anything too much bigger than this or the skirt will be too long.

2. Fold the skirt in half and snip a small slit in the skirt with the scissors as shown in picture 2.

how to make a peg dolly
3. Gently ease the peg through the slit you just made in the skirt.

4. Cut a fabric scrap to roughly 6cm x 6cm and fold in half. This will hold the skirt in place and become the top half of the clothing. Wrap the fabric strip around the top half of the peg doll as shown in picture 4. Hold this in place with your fingers for step 5.

5. Take a pipe cleaner (cut to size if required), and wrap around the fabric strip as shown in pictures labelled 5: lay across the front of the fabric, pass around the back of the doll and make a couple of twists, the bring back around the front. This will make the arms of the peg doll.

how to make a peg doll tutorial steps
6. Draw a face onto the peg doll with felt-tip pens or pro-markers.

7. Using a brush, dab some pva glue onto the top of the head and around the sides a little, this will hold the wooly hair in place.

8. Cut a 4-5 strips of yarn for the hair (approx 3 inches long each). While the glue is still wet, stick down the wool to make the hair. Once dry you can cut and style the hair to your liking, perhaps adding a sequin or two for the hair accessories.

Your peg doll is now finished! I hope you enjoyed my easy peg doll tutorial, if you did (or have any amendments/issues), please leave me a comment below 🙂

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