Winter Crochet Plans

Since summer took a holiday in England this year, winter has decided to marry autumn in a sneak revenge attack so it’s quite cold here at the moment!

This sudden decrease in temperature has reminded me I need to get on with crocheting some winter hats for all the children in my life – and make a little dent in my yarn stash at the same time.

misty autumn morning in England by craft blog
Misty Autumn morning

The crochet winter hats have moved on from my post back in July, and I now have 3 completed girls beanie hats (all in wonderful monsoon wool), however, I can’t for the life of me find the picture I took of them, or that hats themselves!

We moved house in August, and I started a new job in July. We’ve had 2 holidays, 3 birthdays, lost a very dear member of our family since then so I’m not surprised any more when I can’t find anything around here at the moment. I also promised to publish the crochet pattern, which I will do. As soon as I find it.

Autumn, also makes me start to look at the garden with despising eyes. Why must grass insist on getting its jiggy on as soon as its too wet to mow? I think its time to call a professional gardener for this one as, not only will I end up ripping the turf to shreds, I’m also not in the mood for muddyness or numb fingers!

autumn flowers in England by girl flower basket
Flower basket from Grandads garden

Autumn isn’t all bad though, we’ve seen some wonderful flowers in Grandads garden, rediscovered the delights of the roller disco and are determined to see the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, before it finishes at the cinema. What are your autumn plans? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from the outside world 🙂

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