Crochet Hat Patterns

The beginnings of a crocheted hat by Aeris Loves Amigurumi.

I’ve decided to get ahead of the Christmas present rush this year and after a few hours on the sofa, I now have the beginnings of a decent girls crochet hat pattern. The yarn is a stunning Aran: Monsoon from Yorkshire spinner James Brett (you can see this elsewhere on the blog too) and it makes the crocheted project really stand out yet still looks pretty muted.

I hope to share free pattern on the blog soon, but as with all pattern writers, spare time can be a bit too short when you’ve pages of scribbles to decipher! I’m also moving house again as we really need a bigger garden and I simply can’t take another breath of the neighbours weird cooking smells. We’ll be moving to a lovely cottage (with only one neighbour who hopefully doesn’t cook…) and the garden is much more satisfactory 😉

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve decided to rename the blog ‘Aeris Loves Amigurmi’ as my domain has been having a bit of an identity crisis for quite a while. It’s an amalgamation of my 13-year old web handle and my passion for Japanese crochet, I think it suits very well, don’t you?

My other big news is that I’m moving to a new job next week which I’m very excited about – all will be revealed in a later blog post!

Emm 🙂

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