Mad Hatters Tea Party

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When my friend Amy from Pinched Post Invited me to help at her Daughters birthday party last week, I knew it would be a very creative spread (Amy is a very talented illustrator and web designer) but I wasn’t expecting her marvellous creations to taste so good! Kudos to my friend, but amazing children’s party food isn’t so good for my healthy eating plan and distinct lack of willpower!

The party theme was Mad Hatters Tea Party from the Lewis Carroll classic, Alice in Wonderland and it was wonderful to see that all of the children had brought along a handmade ‘mad’ hat for judging in the hat parade. Many hats incorporated the 10/6 invitation Amy hand pressed using Victor, her Victorian letter press – yes, this is a woman with the coolest things in her house, each time I visit I end up drooling over something new.

Amy produced some fabulous Mad Hatter party food including cake pops, which are lolly pops made from cake then smothered with chocolate and other delicious toppings. Cake pops are something I haven’t come across before so I had to sod the diet and eat a few! I’m hoping Amy will share her recipe for the pops, so if I can bend her arm enough I’ll publish a follow-up post. Anyway, on to the food:

White rabbit buns by Amy Brown.
White Rabbit Buns.

Marshmallow tea cups by Amy Brown.
Edible Tea Cups.

Alice in Wonderland caterpillar on mushroom cake.
Caterpillar On A Mushroom Cake.

Finally, my absolute favourite party element: the piñata. A handmade Jabberwocky adorned the gazebo and surprisingly, didn’t look a bit out of place beside the pink bunting. Cue my tiny credit, the fabric bunting in the background of this pic is mine 🙂

Jabberwocky piñata Alice in Wonderland party theme.
Jabberwocky piñata.

Hope this has given you some inspiration for your own Alice themed event or Mad Hatters Tea Party! You can find out more about Amy and her Victorian letter press on thePinched Post facebook page or why not follow our collaborative free pattern board on Pinterest?

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