Geeky Amigurumi

It’s no secret that I’m in love with amigurumi, but to combine this with geek equals love OVERLOAD. If you have no idea what amigurumi is, where have you been? Call yourself a crafter! Amigurumi is to crochet (or knit) a soft toy, usually stuffed. It’s no surprise to learn that the term is derived from the Japanese words for knitted and toy since all early amigurumi was very much modelled on anime and kawaii style characters.

I used to be a firm believer that all amigurimi was cute. Not any more. As the penchant for crafting these alluring little critters has been growing, so has the desire for the crocheter and knitting queen to get more creative and lucrative in the design; concoct the tiniest crocheted snail in the world; be the most vulgar; or just crochet a scene from The Exorcist as the craft spreads further and wider than Sunday afternoon at the WI.

To save me from bursting with l’amour all over my new iMac, I’m posting the very best geeky amigurumi right here, right now so sit back and enjoy the geeky gallery:


star wars amigurumi
Star Wars Amigurumi – genius.

super mario amigurumi crochet plant
Super Mario Piranha Plant by Michelle Rheaume on Etsy – sold, of course.
crochet pi symbol free pattern kawaii amigurumi
Love maths? Why not crochet Pi – click for the free pattern from creator Alicia Kachmar.
star trek amigurumi
Star Trek Dolls – spangly, spocky, spacey fun!
knitted skelenton anatomy
Knitted Skeleton by fiber artist Ben Cuevas. This thing is amazing!

To see more amigurumi, geekery and a veritable assortment of other paraphernalia please head on over to my Pinterest Boards and click ‘follow’.

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