Painted Stained Glass Candle Plates

I had to do a quick make for a special birthday recently as we have been so ill in this house since Christmas so I decided to make a pair of painted stained glass candle holder plates. I knew the giftee was a big fan of poppies so I decided to paint those onto the glass.

painted stained glass candle plates poppies

The picture shows the underside of the glass candle plates.

I started by drawing the outline of the poppies with my new black ceramics pen (around £3 from Hobbycraft), then I went over this with black relief liner. Once the relief liner had dried, I then filled in with the stained glass paints – I like to put plenty on then move it into place with the brush, this way I don’t get any gaps and the colour is much deeper with the effort of only one coat.

I didn’t bother with a sealer/varnish this time as the last one flaked, I just air dried them for a couple of days to seal and told the recipient to only buff off any finger marks etc with a soft dry/damp cloth.

The paints I used were the DecoArt ones I used before (£1.99).

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