Decopatch Drawers

We decided to give handmade gifts for Christmas last year but I only got a photo of one of the gifts – this set of mini drawers I decopatched for an Aunt (plain drawer set was £16.99 from Ikea).

I used a variety of floral Decopatch papers with Decopatch Glossy Glue for the fronts and top, then used enamel paints for the exposed wood.

Decopatched drawers by Love Emmaline

This only took a couple of nights work and I bought another set of the drawers for a future project.

3 thoughts on “Decopatch Drawers

  1. Lovely drawers! Can I ask a silly question? I have the same drawers and a plan to decopatch them for my daughter. She likes animal print, but will it come out looking odd if I use little patches? Should I try covering a drawer front in one piece or will it wrinkle and show the wood through? I like how yours looks like one pattern, not patchwork. Thanks, Liz

    1. Hi Liz, I had to be very careful when gluing the full pieces onto the wood. The first difficulty is positioning the paper correctly, as once the paper touches the glue, you can’t really reposition it.

      The second difficulty is the creases (as you mentioned). I used a soft cloth to gently rub the creases as I went along – a bit like applying wallpaper.

      With regards to the patchwork effect, you can see this on the top 3 drawers as this is how I Decopatched these. I also ripped out a tree from the pink paper and glued it to the middle of the centre drawer. Personally, I like the ‘proper’ Decopatch effect (ripping), I’m sure I only used single pieces to save time in the end!

      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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