Felt iPhone Pouch

We’re now onto issue 5 of Mollie Makes magazine and I still hadn’t made any of the cover gift projects so I grabbed the packet from issue 1 and made this felt iPhone case. I didn’t use the suggested pattern design from Mollie Makes, instead I fancied a rainbow so came up with this:


It didn’t take too long and inspired me to design some other cases too that will eventually end up in my online stores or at local craft fairs, I also came up with a fabulous idea for one for my OH.

As you can see (if you’re a MM reader), I only used the grey and cream felt from the gift packet, the other colours are from my stash and are Eco-fi. I’m not sure what make up the Mollie Makes felt was but its started to bobble and wear in places after only a few weeks normal use so I’ll keep to Eco-fi for my other projects.


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